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Research seminar offered by UConn-Waterbury

The Reading Brain: Bilingual and Cross-Linguistic Perspectives on Child Literacy

Prof. Ioulia Kovelman 

Professor of Psychology, University of Michigan

 We are excited to announce our 1st research seminar hosted by Yale Global Literacy Hub and UConn Global/Waterbury Haskins Global Literacy Hub. Our invited speaker, Prof. Ioulia Kovelman, is a developmental cognitive neuroscientist, specializing in child language and literacy development, with a focus on bilingual children who speak and read in typologically distinct languages like Spanish and Chinese. She investigates childhood bilingualism using neuroimaging techniques such as functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS). Her research examines the universal, language-specific, and bilingual influences on children's reading development and dyslexia.


Date/Time: Wednesday, 4/24/2024 from 12:30-1:30PM Eastern Standard Time

Format: Hybrid (Webex or in-person at Waterbury campus MPR 116/119)


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Abstract: This talk will explore how learning more than one language influences children's neural architecture as they learn to read. By studying Spanish-English and Chinese-English bilingual children using fNIRS, my research aims to understand how bilingual experiences shape the neural architecture for reading. Our findings offer insights into theoretical perspectives on bilingualism, literacy development, and neurodevelopmental plasticity.

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