Help & Documentation

BIRC provides online and in-person resources to support every step of your project. Please email us if you have any questions not answered below!

Additional documentation

  • The BIRC Wiki (campus or VPN required) has additional documentation for each BIRC resource. All users can view the wiki and encouraged to contribute after NetID sign in.
  • The BIRC Computing Guide (under construction) provides support for high performance computing and containerized processing pipelines.
  • Background readings on MR, EEG and TMS topics are available in the BIRC Zotero group.

IBRAiN Fellows

The CT Institute for the Brain and Cognitive Sciences (IBaCS) offers IBACS-BIRC Research Assistantships in Neuroimaging (IBRAiN). After formal training, IBRAiN fellows provide a teaching resource to help BIRC users design and implement experimental procedures for fMRI, EEG, TMS and other methodologies, provide resources for data analysis, and oversee use of equipment by others. IBRAiN service to BIRC users is intended to be focused on educating BIRC users, rather than deliverable results. Click here for information about the scope of IBRAiN activities and associated policy. Click here for more information about applying to this program.

To help match your needs with an IBRAiN Fellow, please request support using this form.

BIRC listservs


Important BIRC announcements are distributed via the MRI_CENTER-L listserv. All BIRC users or interested parties should subscribe to this list. To subscribe, send an email to with the body:

SUB MRI_CENTER-L Firstname Lastname

Other resources: Recorded webinars of MRI-related courses and talks