Faculty & Staff

Center Faculty and Staff

Inge-Marie Eigsti – Acting Director

Associate Professor, Psychological Sciences

Roeland Hancock Roeland Hancock – Associate Director

Assistant Research Professor, Psychological Sciences

Husky Elisa Medeiros – Manager, MRI Services
Gitte Gitte Joergensen – Research Support
Postdoc & Lab Manager, Yee and Altmann labs
Husky Morgan Brennan – MRI Technologist
Husky Steve Frost — Methods Consultant
Wednesdays 10a-2p

MRI Steering Committee

Devin Kearns – Assistant Professor, Special Education
Jeffrey Kinsella-Shaw – Livieri Professor of Physical Therapy, Department of Kinesiology
Nicole Landi – Assistant Professor, Psychological Sciences
Emily Myers – Associate Professor, Speech Language, and Hearing SciencesSabato Santaniello – Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering

Daniel Schwartz – Associate Professor, Physiology & Neurobiology
Erika Skoe – Assistant Professor, Speech Language, and Hearing Sciences
Jon Sprouse – Associate Professor, Linguistics

James Green – Professor of Psychological Sciences (ex officio: Department Head, Psychological Sciences)
Gerry Altmann – Professor of Psychological Sciences (ex officio: Connecticut Institute for the Brain and Cognitive Sciences)