Preparing to Participate in a Research Study

TMS Participant

Are you participating in a study at BIRC and have questions about how to prepare? We have created this page for you! Please note: This page gives information general to all studies; if you have a question about your particular study, please contact the investigator directly.

IRB Consent/Assent Form

Prior to participating in the study, you should complete the IRB Consent/Assent Form with the study Principal Investigator (PI) or a member of the research team (RA). This form will explain what is expected of people participating in the exam including the necessary time commitment. You will also be provided with contact information for the PI and/or RA. Please make sure you know how to contact someone in case you cannot make a scheduled appointment due to emergency or illness.

Screening for Eligibility

The PI/RA will make sure you are eligible to participate in the study, and will also do some preliminary screening for the MRI if applicable. You may be asked to complete a metal screening form to make sure you have no contraindications for the MRI.

MRI Preparation Video

If you would like to see what will happen during your study, BIRC has created a video that goes through the whole process of having a study at our facility. This video is particularly helpful for children as they can watch Ella participate in experiment.

Prepare for Your Study


Make sure you know where BIRC is located and please arrive on time! Your experiment has been scheduled for a specific time. If you are unable to make your scheduled arrival time, please contact your PI/RA directly.


All body piercings need to be removed. Plastic piercing "holders" may be used and are available. Please note that BIRC does not have special equipment to remove piercings.

How To Dress

All MRI participants must change into BIRC scrubs. A locker will be provided for your personal belongings.

Special Information for Eye Tracking Studies

If you are participating in a study that uses eye tracking, please do not wear any eye makeup. We do have eye makeup remover pads. Also, you will not be able to wear your regular glasses during the study. We can provide lenses to correct your vision, but we strongly recommend you wear contacts, if available.

When You Arrive

Please confirm where you will be meeting the PI/RA and what time you should arrive. If you are told to come directly to BIRC, please make sure you know where we are located.

When you arrive, please take a seat in our waiting area. A member of the experiment team will come out to greet you. If you have not already done so, you will need to fill out a metal screening form. You will be provided with a locker to secure your valuables. Once you enter the MRI area, the MRI technologist will review your screening form, bring you into the scanner room, and prepare you for the study. Also, the investigator will review what is going to happen during the experiment.


Here is a Participant Preparation Checklist to help you prepare for your study. Feel free to print or download prior to your study. Remember to contact the PI/RA with any questions, and we look forward to meeting you!

Printable directions to BIRC