BIRC Excellence Award

The UConn Brain Imaging Research Center (BIRC) is pleased to announce the BIRC Excellence Award. The award highlights the achievements of a student, staff, faculty member, lab, or group who has made exceptional contributions towards advancing the goals of the BIRC as outlined in the Mission Statement:

  • To facilitate scientific discovery and theoretical and methodological innovation
  • To serve as an intellectual center for interdisciplinary basic and clinical research
  • To prepare graduate students and post-doctoral fellows for careers in academia and related fields
  • To provide undergraduate students with research experience and other educational opportunities
  • To disseminate scientific knowledge to the broader university community, relevant professional communities, and the general public

The BIRC Excellence Award will be awarded on an annual basis at the end of each Fall semester. Awardees are selected by BIRC staff and confirmed by the BIRC steering committee. Awardees and their advisors (when applicable) will be notified of their selection via email.

2021 BIRC Excellence Award Winner Brianna Kinnie, BS


Congratulations to our 2021 BIRC Excellence Award Recipient, Brianna Kinnie, B.S.! Brianna is a project coordinator supervised by Professor Fumiko Hoeft. Brianna coordinated recruitment and research activities for two R01 projects based at BIRC, contributed to undergraduate training, and provided coverage as a Technologist Assistant for clinical scanning, a significant source of revenue for BIRC.

Past Awardees:

Yanina Prystauka, PhD (2020), Now Postdoctoral Researcher at The Arctic University of Norway