What is the Ask A Brain Scientist series?

The Ask A Brain Scientist series (AABS) are free online sessions, where University of Connecticut (UConn) SLAC graduate students and faculty members engage with children about the intricacies of the brain. Children (and parents!) will learn about brain science on everyday topics, engage in creative activities, ask questions, and get a glimpse into how research is done by real  neuroscientists.

For children aged 8-13, but anyone with a child’s heart for learning is welcome!

Each session can stand on its own but we strongly encourage you to attend ALL. There is an optional Honor’s Project Program that children can join. Winners will get a prize!

The sessions will occur between February and April of 2022. Registration begins in January!

Please email us your comments or questions.

I really liked getting to wear my pajamas and bringing my stuffed animal. I liked learning that sleep is important. The eraser activity that showed how the brain cleans itself was great.

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