Safety and Training

Level 1 Safety Training

At the UConn Brain Imaging Research Center, safety is our top priority. To ensure the safety of all researchers and participants, BIRC adheres to a specific safety and training policy that requires all researchers intending to use Center resources complete basic safety training to understand the risks and protocols related to an MRI environment. The safety training module is comprised of viewing education videos and taking an online quiz, and takes approximately 30 minutes. Once you complete the test with a score of seven or higher please contact Elisa Medeiros to be given card access to the public areas (Zone 1) at BIRC.

Level 2 Safety Training

Investigators and students wishing to conduct research using our Siemens Prisma 3T scanner will need to complete advanced safety training at the BIRC. This involves a period of approximately two hours, during which you will do required reading and receive a hands-on orientation to the MRI suite (Zones 3 and 4). Please contact Elisa Medeiros to schedule safety training.

Use of other BIRC facilities

Appropriate experience and/or training is required for researchers to use other BIRC faciltiies (including the EEG/tDCS and TMS systems). Please contact Roeland Hancock  for more information.