BIRC Speaker Series

Typically, the BIRC Speaker Series is held on the first Tuesday of each month @ 1:30-3:00p in person in Arjona 307 and online via Webex.

Remote Access: Registration is required a minimum of 7 days in advance for each talk**

Meet with speakers: Please contact us if you are interested in meeting with a speaker.

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Past BIRC speakers & recordings can be viewed here.

Spring 2020

**Due to COVID-19 concerns, the Spring 2020 BIRC Speaker Series has been moved to an online-only format via Zoom on an irregular schedule. Please see the schedule below, which will be updated regularly.**

Date Zoom Registration Speaker Title
04/14  registration open Lucina Uddin, PhD

University of Miami

Brain dynamics and flexible behaviors

Fall 2020

First Tuesday of each month (time and location TBA)

Date WebEx Registration Speaker Title
IBRAiN Students Data Blitz
12/01   György Buzsáki, PhD

New York University

TBA (hierarchical organization of spatial and temporal relationships of brain oscillations)

Spring 2021

First Tuesday of each month (time and location TBA)

Date Webex Registration Speaker Title 
02/02 TBA Michael Crowley, PhD

Yale University

TBA (brain basis of childhood anxiety disorders including avoidance, threat detection, and worry)
04/06 TBA Alex Martin PhD


TBA (neural mechanisms of object recognition)

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