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Meet with speakers: Please contact us if you are interested in meeting with a speaker. Currently, meetings can be arranged virtually only due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

*UPDATE* (11/18/21): BIRC Speaker Series will now occur on Fridays from 1:30-2:30 pm ET. This change will begin with Jason Yeatman's talk on December 10th.

Date and Time Zoom Registration Speaker Title
Friday, December 10th

1:30-2:45 pm ET

Registration Open Jason Yeatman, PhD

Stanford University

Neural plasticity in developmental dyslexia
Friday, January 21st

1:30-2:45 pm ET

Registration Open Roy Hamilton, MD, MS

University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine



Past Speakers and Recordings

Date Speaker Title
Tuesday, November 16th BIRC Speaker Series Swathi Kiran, PhD Boston University Advances and challenges in predicting recovery of language after stroke: The pursuit of precision rehabilitation (flyer)
Tuesday, October 5th Speaker-Tag Series Alex Martin, PhD NIH/NIMH Object concept representation: The case of Food (flyer)
Tuesday, September 21st Speaker-Tag Series MariLu Gorno Tempini, MD, PhD UC San Francisco Language disorders across the life span (flyer)
. Tuesday, June 8th Speaker-Tag Series Terry Jernigan, PhD UC San Diego Developmental Population Neuroscience and the ABCD Study (flyer)
Tuesday, May 18th Speaker-Tag Series Russell Poldrack, PhD Stanford University What's wrong with neuroimaging, and how can we make it right? (flyer)
Tuesday, April 20th Speaker-Tag Series Kalanit Grill-Spector, PhD Stanford University Human visual cortex as a window into the developing brain (flyer)
Tuesday, March 9th Speaker-Tag Series Ido Davidesco, PhD UConn - Neag School of Educaiton Brain-to-Brain Synchrony in the Classroom (flyer)
February 23rd 2021 Speaker-Tag Series Environmental influences on brain development and plasticity (flyer)
January 26th 2021 Speaker-Tag Series
Dean Mobbs, PhD California Institute of Technology
Space, Time and Fear: Survival Decisions along Defensive Circuits (flyer)
December 15th 2020 Speaker-Tag Series
Kou Murayama, PhD  University of Tübingen
A reward-learning framework of autonomous knowledge acquisition: An integrated account of curiosity, interest, and intrinsic-extrinsic rewards (flyer)
December 1st 2020 BIRC Speaker Series
Gyorgy Buzsaki, MD, PhD New York University
Ways to think about the brain  (flyer) (please email to request the recoding)
October 20th 2020 Speaker-Tag Series
Yunzhe Liu, PhD Student
Max Planck UCL Centre
October 6th 2020 BIRC Speaker Series
Damien Fair, PA-C, PhD University of Minnesota
July 7th 2020 Speaker-Tag Series
Roshan Cools, PhD
Radbound University
June 16th 2020 Speaker-Tag Series
Daphna Shohamy, PhD Columbia University
June 2nd 2020 Speaker-Tag Series Danielle S. Bassett, PhD University of Pennsylvania Perturbation and Control for Human Brain Network Dynamics (flyer)
May 19th 2020 Speaker-Tag Series Danielle S. Bassett, PhD University of Pennsylvania Science as Culture (flyer)
May 5th 2020 Speaker-Tag Series Nathan Spreng, PhD McGill University Explorations into the Default Mode Network of the Human Brain (flyer)
April 14th 2020 Speaker-Tag Series Lucina Uddin, PhD University of Miami Brain Dynamics and Flexible Behaviors (flyer)
April 1st 2020 BIRC Speaker Series Daniel Ansari, PhD University of Western Ontario Number Symbols in Brain and Mind (flyer)
March 3rd 2020 BIRC Speaker Series David Badre, PhD Brown University Prefrontal Cortex and the Hierarchical Control of Behavior (flyer)
February 4th 2020 BIRC Speaker Series Katarzyna Chawarska, PhD Yale University Social and Affective Characteristics of Infants and Toddlers with ASD (flyer)
December 3rd 2020 BIRC Speaker Series Kimberly Nobel, MD, PhD Columbia University Socioeconomic Inequality and Children's Brain Development (flyer)
November 5th 2019 BIRC Speaker Series Stephanie Jones, PhD Brown University Bridging MEG/EEG to Cell and Neural Level Dynamics with the Human Neocortical Neurosolver (flyer)
October 15th 2019 BIRC Speaker Series Uri Hasson, PhD Princeton University Face to Face, Brain to Brain: Exploring the Mechanisms of Dyadic Social Interaction (flyer)
September 10th 2019 BIRC Speaker Series Tor Wager, PhD Dartmouth College Neuroimaging of pain and emotion: Computation, representation, and regulation (flyer)
May 1st 2019 BIRC Speaker Series Michele Diaz, PhD Penn State University Evidence of age-related phonological impairments in language production (flyer)
April 3rd 2019 BIRC Speaker Series Theresa Desrochers, PhD Brown University Sequential control in the frontal cortex: studies in animals and humans (flyer)
February 20th 2019 BIRC Speaker Series James Haxby, PhD Dartmouth College Hyperalignment: Modeling the shared deep structure of information encoded in fine scale cortical topographies (flyer)
January 30th 2019 BIRC Speaker Series Susan Whitfield-Gabrieli, PhD Northeastern University Clinical Translation of Resting State Networks (flyer)
December 5th 2018 BIRC Speaker Series Vincent Gracco, PhD McGill University  Functional Networks and Speech Production
November 7th 2018 BIRC Speaker Series David Steffens, MD UConn Health Linking Late-Life Depression, Cognitive Impairment, and Dementia
October 3rd 2018 BIRC Speaker Series Emily Meyers, James Magnuson, Fumiko Hoeft, Rachel Marshall and, Louis Bach Tips You Won’t Get at Grant Writing Courses: NIH, NSF, foundation grants and philanthropy
September 5 2018 BIRC Speaker Series Lihong Wang, MD, PhD UConn Health Neuroimaging Markers of Cognitive Reserve and Brain Aging