Safety Training/Other Training Opportunities

Mandatory Online Safety Training

At the UConn Brain Imaging Research Center, safety is our top priority. To ensure the safety of all researchers and participants, BIRC adheres to a specific safety and training policy that requires all researchers intending to use Center resources complete basic safety training to understand the risks and protocols related to an MRI environment. Once you complete the online 30 minute safety training module you will be given card access to the public areas at BIRC.

Practical Basic Safety Training

Investigators and students wishing to conduct research using our Siemens Prisma 3T scanner will need to complete basic safety training at the BIRC. This usually involves a period of three hours, during which you will receive hands-on orientation to the MRI suite. Please contact Elisa Medeiros to schedule safety training.

Additional Training Opportunities

MRI Data Analysis: MRI Data analysis orientation is offered on an “as needed” basis following the collection of data at the BIRC. These sessions last approximately an hour and are free to users of the BIRC. We will review how to download your data from our online data storage system (NiDB), how to convert your data from DICOM to NIFTI format, and give some guidance on the first steps of analyzing your data using AFNI. We will provide example scripts and tutorial videos. Please contact Jay Rueckl to schedule.

EEG: Our out-of-scanner 256-channel EEG system is free to use for members of the UConn community. Interested investigators can make use of the system in our sound-attenuated chamber located in BIRC. Users will have to complete EEG training, which involves the setup of the equipment and proper technique for applying the EEG net. The training requires a minimum of 4 hours of hands-on work with the EEG system and electrode nets. Following this workshop style training, everyone wishing to apply the electrode net will need to be supervised for three net applications on participants in their study. After completing this training, users will be given card access to our EEG room and the ability to perform EEG studies during normal business hours (9AM-5PM). Please note: if you will be performing simultaneous EEG and MRI, you will need to complete the Practical Basic Safety Training course described above. Please contact Jay Rueckl to schedule EEG training.

TMS: Our MagVenture X100 TMS system is free to use to the general UConn community. The training takes approximately 3 hours. Interested users should contact Jay Rueckl to sign up for the next training workshop.