Participant Screening and Safety

All participants need to complete a metal screening form prior to participating in a MRI. We recommend having the form completed prior to the participant’s appointment day so any potential contraindications can be addressed. Below is a list of common issues presented by participants:

Permanent retainers: Most are MRI compatible, and create only a small artifact that does not affect data collection; however, some retainers are mildly attracted to the magnet. Unfortunately there is no way to know if the retainer is attracted or not other than to have the participant come in and be tested by entering the magnet room with the technologist. Please note that some retainers that were safe during previous MRIs done on a 1.5T scanner may be attracted to a 3T scanner.

Braces: While braces are not a contraindication for MRI, the artifact that is created obliterates anatomy in the fMRI and diffusion sequences; therefore, braces are a contraindication for a participant.

Colored contact lenses: Some pigments used in colored contacts contain iron oxide and are not MRI safe. Clear contact lenses can be worn, and MRI compatible glasses can be provided.

Tattoos: A small percentage of tattoos can be affected during a MRI resulting in a burn. We suggest avoiding having a study done until the tattoo is fully healed (approximately six weeks).

Clothing that is anti-microbial cannot be worn during the MRI. This clothing frequently uses copper or silver, and has been known to cause injury or burns during studies.

We also have information for participants that can help them prepare for a study.