Grants funded icon

9 Grants funded since FY19
($10.8M TC, $3.9M IDC)


  • 6 were from NIH/NSF, 1 from a foundation, & 2 from OVPR REP.
  • A total of 16 active grants in our current portfolio at BIRC.
  • 10 more NSF/NIH grants are pending (Goal is to get 3-4 more funded in FY21/22, totaling 10M, with 3M+ in IDC).

Revenue up icon

Revenue up again,
despite COVID


  • FY19 was 700% of FY18.
  • FY20 was another solid year where ”true” revenue was 134% of FY19 despite COVID, and despite already a good year in FY19.
  • 80% of total expenses were covered by revenue in FY20. Without COVID, we were projected to break even. We are still on target to break even by the summer of 2022 (end of FY22). Plus, with the IDC our grants brought in (see below), we believe we are on track.
  • Post COVID (Jul-Oct, 2020), we have only been down 6% compared to pre-COVID (FY20 Jul-Oct, 2019). Projected to catch up in the spring (pending no more shutdown).

Funded users iconFunded-users up 50%
in FY20/21

  • Sustainable target is to be up in NIH/NSF funded-PIs by 100% (20-30 total).
  • The 50% increase is in comparison to FY19 but includes Co-Is.
  • While the trend is optimistic, BIRC needs more funded PIs.
  • We are closely working with 5-13 more potential users.

BIRC trained IBRAINBIRC-trained IBRAiN student team
publishes in Nature

  • Botvinik-Nezer, et al. Nature. 2020 Jun;582(7810):84-88. doi: 10.1038/s41586-020-2314-9

BIRC connects iconBIRC connects 65 neuroimaging centers
around the US

  • Through email list-serv, conducting COVID surveys, etc

Seminars iconh3 Seminars serve 130 universities &
over 2,600 academics world-wide

  • Started April 2020.
  • 600 subscribed to our list-serv from around the world.

IBRAiN student team icon“Ask A Brain Scientist” Series
connects 300 kids around the US

  • Started late Oct/Nov 2020 with a franchise now in Israel.
  • 20 partner organizations including UConn Psych Sci, InCHIP & Ballard Institute supporting our mission.