BIRC Lectures and Workshops

BIRC is offering four educational sessions over the course of the 2020-2021 academic year. There will be two held during the fall semester and two in the spring All UConn faculty, staff, and students are invited to attend. All events are held on the Storrs campusRegistration is required and is due two weeks before each event. Please send inquiries to:

FALL 2020

BIRC.2020911. Lecture: Introduction to Neuroimaging Pipelines

This lecture has been postponed due to public health concerns. 

Roeland Hancock, PhD; Associate Director, BIRC; Assistant Research Professor, Department of Psychological Sciences

Date: Friday 9/11/2020
Time: 1-3pm
Location: Arjona 340
Maximum Capacity: 12
The Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS) and containerized computing using Docker and Singularity have facilitated the development of reproducible, generalized neuroimaging processing pipelines that can be scalably deployed with minimal effort. This lecture will introduce the major steps needed to successfully deploy a pre-packaged pipeline and an overview of common processing strategies for quality control (mriqc) and preprocessing (e.g. fmriprep) of functional and anatomical MRI data.

Learning Objectives:
– Interpret the components of a BIDS file name
– Select a pipeline appropriate for their preprocessing objectives
– Construct Docker and Singularity command lines
– Estimate the computational resources needed for preprocessing their data

– Attendees must be comfortable with command line operations, including directory navigation, on a Unix like operating system, such as Linux or macOS.
– Attendees should be familiar with typical fMRI preprocessing stages
– Attendees should be familiar with T1w, T2w, bold, and field map modalities and understand how to identify these in their own data