Spring 2022 Session Topics

Time of sessions: 7:30 - 8:30 Eastern Time (4:30 - 5:30 Pacific Time)

Materials needed: Play-Doh, (paper, multicolored pens, pencils, and eraser) or (whiteboard and multicolored markers)


February 3
Brain 101
What does a brain do and how do we 
study it?

Instructor: Dr. Fumiko Hoeft

February 10
Dyslexia and Neurodiversity
All About the Dyslexic Brain!
Instructors: Dr. Fumiko Hoeft and Andrea Finnegan

February 17
The science of sleep and memory
My parents tell me to get more sleep. Do I really need more sleep?
Instructor: Nathan Lautz

February 24
How do you connect with your friends?
Instructors: Caroline Greiner and Cynthia Boo

March 3
What is intelligence, anyway?
Instructors: Martina Villa and Kristin Simmers

March 10
Many languages, one brain. How does it work?
Instructors: Maddie Quam and Jie Luo

No AABS March 17

March 24
Belly and Brain
How your belly changes your brain
Instructors: Vikas Pareek and Kelsey Davinson

March 31
Does your pet remember where they left their notebook?
Instructors: Alev Ecevitoglu and Oliver Lasnick

April 7
Honors' Project Show and Tell
Winners Announced!


List of session topics from 2021

1. All about the dyslexic brain!
In honor of #DyslexiaAwarenessMonth
Instructor: Dr. Fumiko Hoeft

2. What does a brain do and how do we study it?
Brain 101

Instructor: Dr. Fumiko Hoeft

3. Why should I see the glass as half full?
The science of optimism

Instructor: Dr. Fumiko Hoeft

4. Is screen time really bad for my brain?
The science of the use of technology

Instructor: Dr. Fumiko Hoeft

5. What does the brain have to do with Black Live Matters?
Stereotyping and how it impacts us

Instructor: Dr. Fumiko Hoeft

6. Why do I get tricked by magicians?
The science of illusion and attention

Instructor: Megan Chiovaro

7. My parents tell me to get more sleep. Do I really need more sleep?
The science of sleep and memory

Instructor: Nathan Lautz

8. My teachers tell me to focus in class and not multitask. Why?
The science of distraction and attention

Instructor: Dr. Fumiko Hoeft