Photos and Quotes

As an educator, I just want to emphasize how wonderful the series was not only in teaching about the brain, but in giving children a voice to share their experiences in a safe place that honoured who they are. It was truly a magical experience for me - seeing the kids participate confidently with you and their peers. The learning was so rich and was always underpinned by themes of inclusion, and seeking an understanding of one another in a spirit of caring.

The best class I ever took. Mom agrees. I wish it would continue.


Session 3: Sleep

I am learning 2 languages now to grow my brain.


Session 2: Neurodiversity


Session 8: Memory

It was interesting learning about how some animals have maps in their brains and that some animals have really good memories.


Session 7: Belly and the Brain

Eating certain types of foods help your brain. It was like a highway and the food are the cars. That was cool.

Drawing pictures of the brain was cool and learning the different parts of the brain.


Session 1: The Brain