COVID-19 Guidance for BIRC Users

Researchers should consult OVPR COVID-19 Guidance for the latest information and monitor University communications for updates.

Safety Plans

At the time of writing, OVPR guidance requires labs to maintain a written COVID-19 Research Safety Plan and document personnel training after each amendment to the plan. Researchers using BIRC facilities must incorporate the relevant sections of the current BIRC COVID-19 Safety Plan into their own plan and include the BIRC portion in their training. BIRC’s plan includes sections where you are required to elaborate in your own plan. Please email your COVID-19 safety plan to the Director for approval prior to starting or resuming research at BIRC.

The current BIRC COVID-19 Safety Plan documents the minimum prevention protocols required for conducting research at BIRC. When University, state, or federal guidelines require additional protections, those protections must be implemented and supersede the minimum protocols specified in the BIRC COVID-19 Safety Plan. Significant changes to the BIRC Safety Plan will be distributed to the BIRC listserv and posted in the news section of the BIRC homepage. Please follow the safety plan procedures whenever you are at BIRC.

Key information

  • All rooms, including the data processing room, have occupancy limits and air cycle times between uses, and must be reserved online.
  • Health screening: You must perform on yourself and your research participants 24H before arrival and upon arrival. Please bring your own form.
  • Please have participants enter BIRC using our main entrance. The employee entrance may still be used for participants on weekends.
  • Personnel In/Out log: Log all personnel and participants entering BIRC (entry & exit). Whenever possible, use the posted QR code.
  • PPE requirements: You and your participants must bring your own masks and, if required, face shields. Sneeze guards are provided in behavioral rooms.
  • Cleaning procedure: Please follow our policy.
  • Participants may not wait in the lobby.

Past updates can be found in the news archives.