BIRC’s response to the Coronavirus Outbreak Update #7 3-18-20

I hope you all saw VPR’s and President’s announcements today of immediate research ramp down ( In-person research at BIRC remains suspended until 4/6 but is likely to be longer.

We will remain open virtually. So please do send us consultation requests or support with BIRC-related dissertations, manuscripts and grants.

We will find out more about our clinical operation tomorrow after the Town Hall and the CLAS staff meeting. The current plan is that we suspend until 4/6 except for 2 critical cases. UCHC has suspended elective surgery yesterday, and today decided to downsize some non-critical operations.

Staff will be on site twice a week to check in on the facilities.

As scientific talks become scarce with many being cancelled and as we all get used to our new lifestyle, we are considering offering some talks/workshops virtually. Please stay tuned.

As always, if you have questions, please let us know.

Looking back at our first update 10 days ago, it seems a world apart. During this difficult time, I hope we are able to appreciate what we have than what we are losing and find humor in our every day lives! The glass is always half full. If you need humor, I have plenty of material from home – contact me (Fumiko).