BIRC’s Response to the Coronavirus outbreak Update #1 3-7-2020

Dear BIRC community

With the first case of COVID-19 confirmed in Connecticut and many schools, universities, conferences and elder care facilities shutting down in some states, BIRC will follow the guidelines generally recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

I am sure you are aware of how to best prevent spreading the virus so I will not repeat here. For more information, please read  But please make sure you confirm that your participants (or you) do not have symptoms before coming in. Please cancel your session 

We are considering relaxing cancellation policy and waiving the fees during this time and we will let you know once we make a decision with CLAS. If this impacts your study budget heavily, please do talk to me (Director of BIRC).

In general, we follow university policy and MRI (Zone 4) gets wiped down with disinfectants and multipurpose cleaning material after each participant and daily; however we will strengthen our wipe down policy and expand it to all areas of the facilities so hard surfaces with frequent contact to users and participants get wiped down once a day. Please make sure you wipe areas after use (and before if you would like) as a courtesy. There are disinfectant wipes in various areas of BIRC. This includes MRI, testing rooms, data room, EEG, mock scanner, TMS etc.

We will continue to operate until further notice. We are currently NOT enforcing gloves or masks. Please make sure you follow the cleaning procedures and keep participants or yourself home if you have symptoms.

We are currently keeping all facilities open. We are not aware of any other neuroimaging facilities being shut down because of COVID-19. We will be in close communications with CLAS Executive Director of Shared Services  and keep you updated of any changes.

Please contact us if you have questions.