Appointment of Dr. Roeland Hancock

The BIRC pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Roeland Hancock as Associate Director of the Brain Imaging Research Center.    Roeland received a PhD in Psychology from the University of Arizona.  Since 2013, he has been a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of California, San Francisco working with Fumiko Hoeft, an innovative leader in MRI research.   Roeland has expertise in functional, structural and spectroscopic magnetic resonance imaging, as well software development, project management, and magneto/electroencephalography.
Roeland’s research interests concern the neurobiological factors underlying individual variability in language processing and the application of new mathematical and computational techniques to understanding these processes. His most recent work has focused on the effects of neurochemistry on the neural dynamics of speech and auditory processing.

Roeland’s appointment will begin on June 23.

MRI Seed Grants

The BIRC is pleased to announce the availability of a Seed Grant program.  Seed Grants are intended to support external grant applications by demonstrating the feasibility of an experimental protocol, developing the scientific and technical expertise of the investigators, providing evidence of successful collaboration, and generating publications in peer-reviewed journals. The Seed Grant Program is intended for both experienced MRI users seeking pilot data and researchers with little or no MRI experience seeking to establish a track record of MRI research.

More information about Seed Grants is available on the Seed Grants page.